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The paintings question my on-going exploration of painting (real world) and the screen (digital world).  I think of my paintings as functioning as screens – flat with hints of space through minimal drop-shadows with objects/ images that float across the surface often on patterned designs to condense the pictorial space or by creating tension in the painted space by constructing a series of strategies that push and pull between the background/foreground.

I am intrigued by the comparisons between paintings’ illusionary tradition and its unreliability to create narrative through ardent inarticulacy and with the development of the digital world and the proliferation of fake news / fake theory. Painting’s very unreliability creates a renewed vigour in questioning the authenticity of the information

The found images are appropriated from websites or image searches to create poignant and humorous meanings, which address the potential and limitations of painting and the fundamental problem about what to paint (subject matter) and how (technique) as well as the bigger more humorous question of trying to say something through a relative tiny aperture in the real world.

Lives and works in Lewes, East Sussex and London

Morley studied at Staffordshire University BA Hons in Fine Art and a Master Degree in painting at the Royal College of Art 2001 where he won The Neville Burston Award for Painting.  In 2009/10 he won the Berwick Gymnasium Artist Fellowship and in 2006/7 he was awarded Arts Council England funding to research the interdisciplinary aspects of art and science. 

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